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Harish Simha is a street-smart design leader, speaker and startup mentor with a focus on solving big, hairy problems. He strongly believes that Design is a mindset that helps in challenging our perception of business reality from the shoes of an end-user.

He often brings up that everyone around us is a designer if they are making decisions that are impacting customer lives. His mantra has been to internalize care and compassion in every decision towards the people his teams are building products for.

Being a system’s thinker, he is experienced in building logically designed complex systems ranging from SAAS, B2B, B2C & E-commerce products. His main strength is facilitating collaborative design thinking along with product management and engineering using disrupt sessions and design sprints.

He is relentless to always push out of his comfort zone so that he can build a design organization that can enable teams to solve some toughest problems in a constructive environment.